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Robert "Bootcamp" Schapiro, pilot/owner of Bootcamp Helicopters, Liberty Bell Engineering, and formerly Bootcamp Lights and was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD.

Robert "Bootcamp" Schapiro and Otto Romero in N154SHEducation

At age 17, he earned his Eagle Scout award and began his career as a volunteer firefighter and EMT in Baltimore and Howard counties where he has actively served his community for 14 years. During his time in the fire service, he attended Howard Community College and University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) where he obtained his AA and BS degrees in Computer Science. After completing his college degrees, Robert enrolled in helicopter school where he trained to be a commercial helicopter pilot and a flight instructor. He later obtained his ratings to fly airplanes. In 2012, he completed a second Bachelor of Science degree from UMBC in Emergency Health Services - Paramedic Track and earned his paramedic license. He is currently on a military leave of absence from attending UMBC for his Master's of Science degree in Systems Engineering.

Military Career

At age 24, Robert enlisted in the US Army National Guard. For three years, he was assigned to B Company 3-126 Aviation Battalion based in Edgewood, MD at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. He then went on to earn his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve. His first duty station was F Company 1-214 Aviation Regiment in Johnstown, PA before starting US Army Aviation Center of Excellence (US Army Flight School) at Fort Rucker, AL. In February 2015, Robert graduated US Army Flight School as one of the top students in his class, where he learned to fly the Bell JetRanger and the Black Hawk. During the evenings and weekends while attending US Army Flight School, he managed to earn 9 additional FAA ratings (listed below) and endorse 10 students, both helicopter and airplane, to take their FAA checkrides. He is currently a First Lieutenant assigned to F Company 5-159 Air Ambulance in Clearwater, FL.

Flying Career

Robert continues to actively flight instruct and fly in his free time. He has earned ratings as an airline transport pilot (ATP) in both helicopters, airplane single engine land (ASEL), and S-70 Type rating; as well as a commercial pilot rating in airplane single engine sea (ASES) and gliders. He is an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and an Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) and holds a flight instructor certificate with ratings in Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL), Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES), Helicopters (CFI-H), Gliders (CFI-G), Instrument Airplane (CFII), and Instrument Helicopter (CFII). He currently pursuing his commercial airplane multi-engine land (AMEL) ratings as well as his Gold Seal CFI certificate (the highest flight instructor certificate that the FAA offers). He has endorsed a total of 20 students, all of whom have passed their FAA checkrides, and is currently instructing 8 others for their various FAA checkrides.

Successful In-Flight Emergencies

In August 2009, Robert successfully landed a single-engine helicopter on a beach in New Jersey after an engine failure with three passengers on board. The landing resulted in no injuries to anyone on board and no damage to the helicopter. (Article on Press of Atlantic City). On October 04, 2011, Robert was interviewed as a subject matter expert in helicopter safety by WJLA (Washington DC's ABC News affiliate). In November 2011, he was featured in IFR Magazine and AvWeb for successfully landing a single-engine airplane after an engine failure while in the clouds. The landing resulted in no injuries to anyone on board and no damage to the airplane. Robert has logged over 3,300 hours in aircraft, over 2,700 of which are in helicopters and over 500 of which are in airplanes.

Robert's resume is available to view online or for download for a flight time breakdown. Feel free to contact him anytime for references.